The people behind Din Reportasje

We have put together an experienced team to make Din Reportasje. Together we challenge each other to make the best possible product for our readers and advertisers. Here is a brief presentation of each of us.

Ann-Louise Gulstad

The editor is Ann-Louise Gulstad from Norway. After living in England a year, she went to France where she graduated from the American University of Paris. She began her career as a journalist at American ABC News in the French capital, and has since written for many well-known international publications, such as ELLE, MAN and EL MUNDO. Having lived in Madrid for almost 20 years, she came to the Costa Blanca in 2014 and now lives in Alfaz del Pi.

Olav Barhaugen

Olav Barhaugen is our journalist and webmaster. He has spent almost all his life in Norway, but now lives in Albir. Having always been fond of writing and taking pictures, he set out to be a journalist at an early stage and had his first article published at the age of 15. Since then he has worked for several publications, both as journalist and editor. He also builds and runs websites, including the one you are looking at now.

Bente Solem

Bente Solem is our graphic designer. Until recently she ran her own magazine Spanias Beste, where she had the editorial responsibility during eleven years. She is also an excellent copywriter, proofreader, and translator. After almost 40 years in Spain, she is perfectly bilingual and enjoys a typical Spanish life in La Nucia, where she lives today.

Ellen Harris Utne

Journalist Ellen Harris Utne lives between Norway and Spain. She is 59 years old, married, and mother of two young girls. Having lived in several countries like England, Spain and New Zealand, she has a strong international profile. During four years she worked at the Organizing Committee for the Olympics at Lillehammer, LOOC. Working shoulder to shoulder with different media inspired her to later taking a degree in journalism. 

Sissel Irene Rotmo

Sissel is our proofreader. She was born and raised in Norway, but moved to South-Africa in the nineties and later to Oslo. Today she lives in the countryside in Vestfold, Norway, together with her awesome cats. She studied at the University of Oslo and North University, and has always been fond of books and knowledge. She is a master of words and sentences, and carefully reads each page of the magazine before it goes to print. 

Gry Elise Nyland

Gry Elise Nyland is a photographer and graphic designer, and makes the magazine’s cover page. She was born in Norway, but at the age of 22 she went to Calgary, Canada, to study photography and design. In 2010, she graduated with a Bachelor in Design, with specialization in photography. Since graduating, she has mainly worked with portrait photography and graphic design. In 2014 she came to Spain and the Costa Blanca, where she still lives.